Transaction Data Systems is the Leader in Pharmacy Services and Solutions

For more than 40 years, TDS has supported community and independent pharmacists with innovative technology solutions and services. Today, TDS utilizes a collaborative care model to simplify and expedite the patient journey, boost financial performance, and elevate the customer experience.

Supporting Independent Pharmacy

TDS provides innovative pharmacy management solutions and clinical applications that adapt to the needs of community pharmacy, including our Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy systems. With the largest network of independent pharmacy, TDS supports the needs of single, multi-site, assisted living, and hospital pharmacies through its portfolio of software and services.

By partnering with the largest pharmacy technology provider, pharmacies can access industry leading pharmacy management solutions, in-workflow clinical opportunities, specialty pharmacy solutions, and more.

female pharmacist wearing a mask at a pharmacy counter looking at her pharmacy software screen

Connecting Health Plans to Patients

TDS connects more than 8,000 community pharmacies through technology solutions and services. Our network of pharmacies touch more than 2.5 million patient lives each year, including the patients that health plans and pharma companies are trying to reach.

The full TDS ecosystem facilitates patient engagement at the community pharmacy level, providing the full network with actionable insight. By connecting the dots between providers, patients, and health plans, TDS provides crucial information that benefits the complete continuum of care.

male pharmacist explaining medication to an elderly woman at a pharmacy counter

Bridging the Gap in Care for Pharma

TDS enables pharma to bridge the gaps in patient care, improving the customer experience and patient journey. Cutting-edge technology solutions, access to our nationwide pharmacy network, and clinical hub services provide the aim, access, and adherence pharma companies need for success.

Actionable insights enable pharma to engage patients, monitor utilization trends, and drive positive change for patient behavior. The impressive TDS network assists pharma companies to collaborate with pharmacists and improve patient outcomes.

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