A comprehensive, collaborative Customer Success Center is a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. Customers expect instant access to important information, and a customer success center provides a large database of resources in one convenient place. With quick access to common questions, self-service tools, and troubleshooting guides, customers spend less time on the phone with customer service and more time conducting their business. Keep reading to learn the four keys to an impactful customer success center.


Best Practice Information

Providing the ins and outs of your product or service through a customer success center enables customers to learn within their own schedule. Best practice information stored in the customer success center can be accessed at any time, and customers stay in the know as product experts post new articles on a regular basis.

At TDS, the Customer Success Center is a one-stop-shop for product information. From customizing workflow to integrating inventory tools, best practices are available to guide customers through all aspects of their business.


Self-Service Tools

A customer success center should also provide quick and easy solutions for common issues or troubleshooting needs. With self-service resources available in the customer success center, customers can find convenient steps to resolve their own concerns. Self-service articles and tools can reduce the amount of time customers spend waiting for answers and improve customer satisfaction. Customers can access these articles on their own time, without having to adhere to  hours of operation.campaign__rx30_customer_success_600x400_2

As part of our continued efforts to increase TDS support capabilities, the self-help tools in the Customer Success Center serve as a first-line resource for all software needs. Self-service articles and troubleshooting guides are added to the Customer Success Center to address common questions and provide convenient answers.


Product Resources

As new products or services are released, it is crucial to keep customers in the know. A customer success center is the perfect place to house product resources, including updates or new releases. Customers can learn the features and functionality of new products or updates on their own time, and an online resource enables the product team to provide continual updates.

The TDS Customer Success Center is the go-to resource for product information on pharmacy management software, hardware, and new products. Software releases, newly released tools, and expanded capabilities are all detailed in the Customer Success Center by our dedicated product team.


Product Suggestions

There are several benefits to providing a collaborative forum within a customer success center. Customers are able to communicate with one another, offering best practices and tips from experience. Customers can also suggest ideas and improvements for the product team and implementing these ideas can go a long way to building customer trust. Customer support can also review forums to provide quick responses to questions or frustrations within the forum.

The opinion of TDS users is always valued and appreciated, and the Customer Success Center provides the perfect place for customers to share ideas and insights. With a focus on innovation, we recently expanded our development team in order to expedite processes.

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