Switching Pharmacy Management Software Isn’t the Headache You Expect

When you find yourself working with the wrong pharmacy management software, your daily work life can become an ongoing nightmare. However, switching to a new software system can sometimes seem even scarier. After all, what if you make the switch only to encounter the same old problems? What if the process is difficult and requires so much downtime that you lose an unacceptable amount of revenue? The truth is that switching to a new pharmacy management software is not the headache you probably think it is. You just need to do it right. This blog will show you not only the benefits of switching but also offer guidance and links to resources that can help you on every step of the journey to a better pharmacy management solution.


A pharmacy management solution is meant to improve efficiency, boost revenue, and help you take better care of your patients. However, if you are stuck with clunky software, limited integrations, and poor performance, your pharmacy management solution is doing more harm than good.

Switching to a better-suited software means your pharmacy will experience multiple benefits:

  • Optimized inventory management
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Better employee morale


You probably have some questions. There’s a lot to consider, after all. So, to help you out here’s a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about moving to a new pharmacy management software:

  • IS IT DIFFICULT? Your pharmacy’s situation is a big factor when it comes to how long it takes to switch pharmacy management systems. For example, a single independent pharmacy may be able to change solutions faster than a multi-store chain or hospital. However, your new software provider should provide a clear, comprehensive timeline for switching before getting started. This will help set expectations and enable you to prepare for any delays during the switch.
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? This depends on the pharmacy software vendor you end up choosing when you switch, as well as whether that vendor offers data transfers—something you will definitely need to vet when looking for a new provider. If your new software vendor offers data transfers, they will work with you to preserve your current data and transfer it to your new software. Good pharmacy software providers provide plenty of support during this transition, including technical support to protect your data during the switch.
  • WILL I LOSE MY DATA? In a word—No. However, you might experience slight delays when switching software. Processes such as transferring data and preparing the new system typically occur outside regular business hours. This enables you to care for your patients while changing software. If additional time is needed to switch solutions, your new software vendor will provide a comprehensive timeline so you can plan for any potential delays and minimize the impact on your patients.
  • WILL CHANGING SOFTWARE AFFECT MY PATIENTS? Your software vendor should provide comprehensive training for your new solution and ensure your team is ready to hit the ground running at the moment of go-live. In most cases, you can gain access to a test version of the software or training videos before you hit that go-live date. This enables your team to practice using the software and learn its functionality before the switch is complete. Your software vendor should also provide training and support both during and after your switch.

The Ultimate Guide to Switching to a New Pharmacy Software - Download the Interactive Guide


You may be thinking, “What? More questions?” Well… yes. In order to find the perfect new software, you need to know what questions to ask any potential new vendors. Here are some questions you should consider asking:

  1. What features are included in the basic system?
  2. Is the software on-premise or cloud-based?
  3. What hardware is recommended or needed? Do you sell that hardware? Is it provided?
  4. Does the software still work no matter which wholesaler I use?
  5. What kind of schedule management tools are available?
  6. Can your software help me improve MTM and DIR?
  7. What third-party integrations are available that will allow me to use other solutions (IVR, RPMS, Quick-mar, etc.)?
  8. What is your implementation process and how does it ensure my pharmacy has long-term success with your software?
  9. Does your software allow me to use tele-pharmacy if I need to add that to my business model?
  10. Does your software accommodate the needs of specialty and compounding pharmacies?

20 Questions to Ask a Potential Pharmacy Software Vendor - Download the Worksheet


Using the information that you’ve gathered from all of the above questions and answers, you should now put together a checklist of what features, functions, and capabilities are most important for your pharmacy. Once you’ve narrowed candidates down to a shortlist of solutions, use this checklist to figure out which one best meets or exceeds the needs of your pharmacy. You can create your own checklist or use our downloadable form by clicking the link below.

Searching for new pharmacy software? Make sure it checks off all the right boxes with our interactive checklist. Download the checklist!


When you reach the end of your journey, we sincerely hope you find a new home with TDS’s suite of pharmacy management solutions and tools. No matter what your pharmacy needs, we’ve got you covered. We’d love to have an opportunity to show you all the things we can do to improve your operations and boost your profitability. To learn more about how TDS’s suite of solutions and services can keep your pharmacy both competitive and compliant, fill out this form, and a member of our team will call you to learn more about your needs and help you schedule a demo. 

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