Increase In Telehealth Services for Pharmacies

An independent pharmacist’s time is valuable, and that has only become more obvious during the coronavirus pandemic. As patients seek innovative and safe healthcare solutions, pharmacies must adapt their clinical services and patient engagement opportunities to meet these needs. Telehealth appointment capabilities through the pharmacy management platform enable pharmacists to better serve their patients.


Telehealth Pharmacy and COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a greater need for telehealth services from pharmacies. The pandemic has increased patient interest in telehealth appointments. One survey found that 90% of patients who completed an appointment via telehealth said they were likely to schedule another telehealth appointment over an in-person visit.

Patients have lower confidence in in-person health appointments due to COVID-19. 43% of patients reported they do not feel safe visiting any healthcare setting during this time, which could lead to a lack in necessary care services. Telehealth pharmacy tools enable pharmacists to provide important clinical services and medication therapy management, which can improve patient outcomes.  



Expand Care Planning Opportunities

With telehealth capabilities, pharmacies can expand their care planning opportunities. Scheduling virtual check-ins for patients, routine follow-ups, and medication monitoring help maintain patient outcomes for those unable to make it into the pharmacy. Telehealth services also serve to provide clinical services to underserved patients.

One survey found that 68% of patients reported cancelling or postponing medical visits that were in-person due to the pandemic. Allowing patients to choose virtual services provides an added level of convenience, and direct integration with the pharmacy management system enables pharmacists to bill for services through eCare.


New Telehealth Tools from TDS

TDS, with our Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions, is committed to serving the independent pharmacy industry. As we follow the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team continues to release new and innovative solutions to assist pharmacists. New tools for telehealth appointments integrate directly with the pharmacy management software, providing a convenient solution for independent pharmacies. Contact us today to learn more!


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