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TDS Clinical Services

Transaction Data Systems (TDS) offers several comprehensive medication management programs. Our network of community pharmacists provides advanced, end-to-end solutions for medication therapy management and adherence programs. We work with health plans and other sponsors to deliver high-quality clinical interventions to patients and providers. In addition to medication management, we also offer transitions of care and targeted intervention programs. Our solutions are customizable to meet specific client needs and include member identification, engagement, medication reviews, reporting, and audit support. 

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Proven Results


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per patient per month in reduced avoidable health expenditures

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higher PDC levels and $1.25 - $37.00 medical savings per additional dollar spent on medications

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lower rates of hospitalization and ER visits

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population adherence lift 

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of timely refill requests picked up by patients

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of medication-related problems resolved

Clinical Services for Health Plans

Our industry-leading multi-lingual telehealth engagement center and vast network of local pharmacist allow you to engage your patients via multiple touch-points. 


Clinical Services for Pharmacies

Transaction Data Systems (TDS) works tirelessly with its independent and local chain pharmacies to improve medication synchronization, adherence, and quality. TDS is integrated with over 8,000 pharmacies across the US and offers in-workflow intervention alerts to those partners. These solutions in turn help to drive revenue and improve quality. In addition, TDS provides a range of pharmacy solutions and staff support to help pharmacies with refill reminders, immunization scheduling, and other vital patient workflows. 

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