Power your telecommunication with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.

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TDS combines the knowledge and experience of community pharmacists with cutting-edge technology and valuable industry relationships. Our cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, RxIVR, ensures your patients have access to the information and services they want, even over the phone.

Enhance Your Phone System With RxIVR by TDS

Our IVR solution was designed to work with your pharmacy to boost pharmacy-patient communications. Compatible with both standard PSTN and IP networks, our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system. Additional features include:

  • The ability to run on an unlimited number of phone lines
  • Our cloud-based system means you'll never have to purchase or support additional hardware
  • Our Carrier grade mesh network, with Component Redundancy
  • Direct, secure integration to PDMS(s)
  • Touch-Tone (DTMF) design, built to provide easy-to-use interactions
  • Automated Rx Refill Request and Rx Status Check, saving patients time and money
  • Intelligent routing by dialed number (DNIS)
  • Configurable options regarding hours of operation, location information, and holiday support

Support Your Patients' Needs with Our Two Call Models

A connected stream of information enables you to make informed decisions and answer crucial questions. Key metrics reported by TDS ensure you are targeting the right patient populations and delivering relevant messages at the right time. Our IVR solution supports two call models to best meet all of your patients' needs.

  • WelcomeOur "Auto-Attendant" Call-Flow, which is implemented when the pharmacy telephone can be ported. 
  • HotlineThis Rx Status/Refill Call-Flow can be used as part of an existing store menu and will transfer customers to your IVR. 

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