KloudScript for Specialty Pharmacies

KloudScript, a Transaction Data Systems solution, enables its users to provide their patients with specialty pharmacy care from a reliable, trusted source. Our software brings together the entire specialty pharmacy ecosystem of prescribers, payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and caregivers to create a single pharmacy home for patients.

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Your Pharmacy, Your Business

KloudScript functions as a comprehensive solution to help specialty pharmacies do what they do best: face-to-face patient care. This specialty pharmacy platform improves the patient experience by providing the necessary strategic and administrative functions while allowing pharmacies to give patients the personal attention they want. 

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Your Pharmacy's Right-Sized Solution


What is your specialty program goal? I want to retain my patients when they need a specialty Rx so that I do not lose them to a competitor I want to retain my patients AND gradually build a specialty program to diversify my pharmacy revenues I want to focus on patient retention AND aggressively build a comprehensive specialty program
Specialty Program Capabilities
Access to Specialty Services Support Center Yes Yes Yes
Financial Case Management
Prior Authorization Management Yes Yes Yes
Clinical Appeals Management Yes Yes
Patient Assistance Program Support Yes Yes
Foundation Assistance Program Support Yes Yes
KETU® Platform


ProntoRxTM MD Portal Yes
Market Access
Market Access and Sales Strategy Yes Yes
Sales Analytics and Coordination Yes
Field Sales Yes
Pharma and Payor Access
Pharma Programs Network Participation
—— Selected Programs
All Programs
Pharma Programs - Limited Distribution Drugs
Payor Credentialing Support

Marketing Services

Clinical Care Management
KloudScript University Pay Per User 1 User Included All Users Included
REMS Compliance Support Selected Programs Yes
One Pharmacy HomeTM Clinical Program Yes
Patient Engagement and Refill Adherence Yes
Quality Assurance
Accreditation Program Management Yes
Specialty Joint Accreditation Yes
Community Accreditation Support Optional
Program Management and Distribution
Account Strategy Development Yes
Specialty Program Development Yes
Product Discounts Yes
Your Right-Sized Solution KloudScript Specialty Pharmacy Hub Service on Demand KloudScript Specialty Pharmacy Hub Service Subscription KloudScript Specialty Performance Alliance Your Comprehensive Solution


Our Solutions

KETU® - Specialty Care Management Platform

Our patient care management platform, KETU, is the key to providing specialty care and cognitive pharmaceutical services to patients.

  • Manages Hub and Clinical Care management workflows
  • Complies with accreditation, pharma and payor standards
  • Captures business insights through meaningful data

Prescriber Portal

Our prescriber portal is integrated into KETU and is designed for prescribers to transform the prescribing and communication process. 

  • Prescriber Education: PA Guidelines, Enrollment Forms
  • Brand Visibility: Clinical Products and Package Insert Updates

Proven Results



Our expert Hub team is complete with white glove patient-centric PA and Appeals with industry-leading results


92% of prescribers and 95% of patients reported that they are satisfied with our services


We’ve helped secure millions of dollars in financial assistance for patients in our network to reduce out-of-pocket costs

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