Targeted Insights to Power Outcomes 

TDS bridges the gaps in the patient journey and healthcare continuum to provide powerful insights and fuel improved outcomes every step of the way.

female pharmacist reviewing prescription with elderly patient

Leverage Our Connected Network of Pharmacy Professionals and Technology

TDS combines the knowledge and experience of community pharmacists with cutting-edge technology and valuable industry relationships. By following the entire patient journey, our solutions provide crucial insights and bridges gaps in care.

Payers and pharma companies can work with the vast TDS network of pharmacists to improve patient behavior, adherence, and outcomes. Engaging pharmacists and impacting patients is streamlined through our pharmacy solutions and platforms.

Engage Patients Throughout Their Journey with Your Therapies 

Plugging into the TDS network keeps you in the loop with the patient journey, ensures you effectively engage patients, and streamlines communication with patients.

  • Deliver your message to patients at the right time
  • Overcome barriers to adherence through pharmacist consultations
  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes with streamlined connections
  • Support patients through digital engagement
  • Inform and empower patients with relevant content
pharmacist handing patient their prescription

Gain Answers to Crucial Questions 

A connected stream of information enables you to make informed decisions and answer crucial questions. Key metrics reported by TDS ensure you are targeting the right patient populations and delivering relevant messages at the right time. From campaign parameters to content support, TDS helps manage your program and provides crucial insights throughout the process.

  • TDS pharmacies maintain important patient relationships and build trust
  • TDS delivers targeted messaging and content through appropriate digital and pharmacy channels
  • TDS provides results of interventions in the pharmacy

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