Pharmacy Management and Specialty Solutions

Pharmacy management software from TDS is designed to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy. As complete solutions, both Rx30 and Computer-Rx provide the tools you need to maintain pharmacy operations, improve efficiency, and enhance patient outcomes. TDS offers multiple pharmacy management software options, so you can choose the best solution for your business goals.

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Complete the workflow journey for your pharmacy with integrated point of sale software from TDS. Enjoy the benefits of a total pharmacy management solution backed by a single source vendor. POS software from TDS completes sales for prescriptions and OTC items, captures and stores signatures, and updates your inventory.


Optimize management of multiple pharmacy locations with central site management from TDS. Gain a complete look at your business and manage critical aspects of your business from one location. Managing your multiple pharmacy locations has never been easier with flexible reporting, central reconciliation claims, blanket pricing structures, and centralized patient profiles.


From delivery applications to patient communication tools, patient apps from TDS enable you to better serve your patients every day. Increase patient engagement with mobile refill request applications and online patient portals. Delivery and signature apps help improve efficiency and provide value-added services for your patients.



TDS is integrated with more than 8,000 independent pharmacies across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Our large network of pharmacies enables us to provide sponsored MTM opportunities. Partnering pharmacies can earn additional revenue and improve pharmacy quality performance by completing clinical service opportunities as they appear in the pharmacy management software.


Patients visit their pharmacists more times per year than primary care providers. Independent pharmacists are perfectly situated to provide comprehensive medication reviews, medication counseling, and other important medication therapy management services.


From medication synchronization to regular medication reminders, pharmacists can improve medication adherence and patient outcomes. Services as simple as recommending daily pill organizers or offering important medication information when patients pick up prescriptions can go a long way for medication adherence.


Pharmacists can help improve patient safety by conducting medication interventions. Addressing patient safety concerns, clarifying orders, and offering less expensive alternatives are just some of the many ways independent pharmacists can provide valuable services for their patients.

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Reach your business goals, from improving patient engagement to opening multiple stores or a specialty pharmacy. TDS provides a wide range of business services that can be customized for your pharmacy needs. Reconciliation programs are designed to save you time while increasing cash flow by tracking third-party payer reimbursements. Credentialing services and audit assistance provide the support your business needs to stay compliant and avoid spending valuable resources on staying up to date.

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