Using Innovative Technology to Care for Patients During COVID-19

As essential health care providers, pharmacists need to be able to continue to effectively provide
care and manage patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is specifically important for patients who have chronic conditions and require ongoing monitoring and management. Telehealth can be an effective strategy to provide care and counseling to patients. Being informed and knowing how to implement telehealth quickly in your practice are the key to successful clinical care.

Due to social distancing, telehealth is recommended by providers and the government as a
mechanism for continuity of patient care. Pharmacists have established practices using telehealth
technology to provide first-line triage services, such as remotely supervising technicians and
overseeing medication dispensing, medication therapy management (MTM), chronic disease state
management, diabetes education, and medication counseling on potential medication interactions
and improving adherence. 

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Source: APhA

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