Transaction Data Systems Releases COVID-19 Assessment in TDS 360 Platform

Leader in pharmacy solutions announced the release of enhancements to the TDS 360 clinical service application enabling documentation of care

ST. LOUIS --Transaction Data Systems (TDS), the leader in pharmacy software solutions for the independent pharmacy market, today announced the release of an integrated COVID-19 Assessment in the TDS 360 clinical service application. TDS 360 is the central system that enable seamless, end-to-end integration across all TDS solutions.

The clinical service application within TDS 360 is a value-added service unique to TDS pharmacy management systems, including Rx30 and Computer-Rx. As the largest independent pharmacy solution provider, TDS is at the forefront of providing enhanced medication services, clinical opportunities and now COVID-19 assessments to its network of community pharmacies.

“TDS moved quickly to build the assessment into the existing TDS 360 application following the HHS announcement authorizing pharmacists to order and administer COVID-19 tests,” states TDS President, Kevin Lathrop. “Just as our pharmacists are adapting swiftly to their patients’ needs, we are advancing our technology to provide a seamlessly integrated solution into their existing workflow.”

The TDS 360 application is built into the workflow of both the Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management platforms. The enhanced clinical service application already enables community pharmacists to monitor medication adherence as well as medication therapy management. During this coronavirus crisis, the need for pharmacists to monitor, diagnose and now treat has sparked immediate increases in the need for pharmacy clinical services.

“Now, more than ever, patients are seeking care recommendations from their pharmacist, where they have immediate access,” affirms Alex Miguel, PharmMD, TDS Vice President of Operations. “By utilizing the COVID-19 assessment in TDS 360, pharmacists can better serve their patients and document the care they are providing during this unprecedented time.”

TDS is committed to monitoring the needs of pharmacists during the coronavirus pandemic and innovating solutions to facilitate their advancing needs as healthcare providers.


Transaction Data Systems (TDS) provides pharmacy management solutions and clinical models that adapt to the workflow needs of the largest network of independent and community pharmacists. For over 40 years, TDS has supported the needs of single, multi-site, assisted living and hospital pharmacies through its portfolio of software and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx, Enhanced Medication Services, and PharmAssess. Supporting over 8,000 pharmacists in all 50 states and US territories, TDS is the leading, most trusted provider of independent pharmacy management solutions.

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